UnitedHealth Group announced additional action to directly support those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing over $1.5 billion of additional support for their customers. These measures build upon UHC’s ongoing efforts to address COVID-19 challenges by expanding coverage, supporting the health care system, protecting the health care work force and assisting those most affected by the pandemic.

The credit applies to all fully-insured individual and group medical plans and dental customers. The credits, which are based on May premiums, will be applied on the July bill that customers receive in June. The credit will be in the 15% range of May premium. The credit will be listed as a line item on their July billing statement referencing COVID-19 credit.

Please note: Groups do not need to be a customer as of the “payment” date, as long as the group was effective in May 2020. For groups who have terminated coverage post-May, a check will be mailed to the employer.